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Shaka (meaning Buddha in Japanese) is the fashion brand that women will love. Our distinction is driven by our people and their tireless journey for fashion and style. We're strong in variety of fabrics, making creative cuts, using innovative sewing techniques to capture spirits of bold and fresh inspirations.

Shaka, working in 2000 with London-based design team, we carved our mark as Shaka London. After that we took on the name Shaka in 2013, when we established our new identity for the urban lifestyle of working women; with core values being individuality #Shakastyles, Sensual, Contemporary, Smart and Intelligent. Branching out are the product lines of elegant evening gowns for special occasions, Shaka SAKU and semi-formal, casual working wear, everyday items, Shaka Leisure.

Shaka speaks for women who have emotional intelligence and quotient, positive attitude and attractiveness with their beauty blended meticulously, from the inside out, which accentuates their outstanding and self-confident personality, including their smart and appropriate manner in every discerning moment. All of these attributes set about bringing out the legend women of the new Shaka generation.

Shaka recognizes that fashion is a process of self-discovery, and that has become our statement. We believe that when we make quality clothing, ones which bring out each person's individuality, then fashion becomes more than something you wear.