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Our designer, Chatree Tengha is a shy, thoughtful person, the only man on the team. Before joining Shaka as a head designer, he was the winner of the Thailand Young Designers Award, th e Makuhari Grand Prix at Asia Collection and was second runner-up in the Young Asian Fashion Designers contest in Singapore. His apparel designs have been known for more bringing a strong conceptual than practical and casual. Chatree has had experience designing for mass market fashion companies and has taken on a number of freelance design jobs. He brings this idealistic and conceptual vision to practical and casual clothing designs. He draws inspiration from art, music and films which manifests itself constantly in his companion sketchbook. His love for the geometry of clothing, for sculptural shapes and for intricate hand-work all come together in his designs. His love for math and form can be seen in the way his geometric designs hang perfectly across a woman’s body. His first admired was Pierre Cardin, but later on he drawn to the more sculptural approach to clothing of Issey Miyake. Now he is in a phase of mixing and layering unusual fabrics and fabric combinations together to create collectionsof garments which are innovative but still practical. Chatree’s goal is to create clothes for women which are like pieces of sculpture: simple in form but beautifully made and comfortable to wear.



Nutthanan a designer, graduated in Fashion Design from Rangsit University, who believes that fashion design is an art. Clothes can be indicated the stories, emotions, feelings and identity of the wearer. His design direction is the feminine style because he believes that every woman has her own feminine identity. He has the ability to styling clothes and combinate of fabric and detail techniques perfectly. His goal is to create the fabric techniques and the details of the clothes whether stitching, embroidering, or using modern technology to make the great new pieces of work.



Thanakon Loetrawiwong is an energetic person and social activist. Before being a designer, he graduated from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Japan since 2012. He was a partner of ‘Kamlangjai Project’ under HRH Princess Bajrakkitiyabha Mahidol. This partnership allows him to pioneer a new fashion model for employment inside of the prison under brand “Carcel” together with the Danish social entrepreneurs. Thanakon is also a former of award-winning, Magasin Du Nord Fashion Prize Copenhagen, Denmark in 2019. He was invited to be Fashion show “Pitti bimbo” fall collection 2021 in Florence, Italy. The distinctive design is by mixing Japanese style into the fashion staff. He is a pioneer of a new idea, fashion, and sustainability because he believes in a new fashion way. He loves to develop the society to be sustainable. This is an idea I have used since I graduated and I want to keep this idea forever.

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