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Spring Summer 2023


Spring/Summer 2023


 The fantastic story of the clothing brand “SHAKA” has revealed how “SHAKA” appreciates the importance of the environment and the coexistence of humans to create environmental sustainability. This concept has become the vision of the brand “SHAKA” and the theme of Natural & Nostalgia is used as a medium to tell about the relationship between man and nature in order to arouse the awareness of people towards environmental sustainability while bringing back the impressive memories of the good old days.    

In the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, SHAKA presents the “AQUA” collection to describe the beauty of the Andaman sea. This idea for “SHAKA” was inspired by the trip to Phuket when seeing the fascinating sea and beautiful beach being polluted by litters of garbage and oil spill which turns out to be a negative impact on the surroundings and natural beauty of the sea. SHAKA is aware of the undesirable consequences and decided to pass on the inspiration of the beauty of the sea to the clothing pattern creations including the choice of recycled fabrics for the most cost-effective of the reusable items. Moreover, many items of fabrics from waste and recycled materials are also found in this collection attentively to awaken people’s consciousness of everlasting love and cherishing for the nature and environment. In addition, bringing back the wonderful memories of the past through the fashion design with style and details of clothing in the 70s makes the collection even more interesting.       

For the pattern design fabric of “SHAKA” in the ‘AQUA’ collection, ‘SHAKA’ has collaborated with Khun WISHULADA Pantaranuwong (Ae), a renowned artist who designs her work using the sustainability concept. Through her pattern design fabric with SHAKA in this collection, Khun Wichulada conveys her inspiration for the beauty of the sea combined with the present marine debris environment in her drawing just to reflect both the beauty and the problem happening to the sea. With the thought that nothing is worthless, Khun WISHULADA (Ae) believes in the potential and participation of everyone who can play a big part in supporting the reuse and recycle concept. The artist wants to give some stimulation to society by using art as a medium to arouse environmental awareness and inspiration to everyone to have this concept in mind by creating a process design to minimize the usage of material from the beginning till the end and finally no more waste in the process. And this will sustainably solve the environmental problem. Fortunately, the concept and vision of Khun WISHULADA (Ae) and SHAKA are aligned so working hand in hand between the two emphasizes the creation of public awareness to appreciate the sustainable environment.

SHAKA Spring/ Summer 2023 ‘AQUA’ collection, as a result, chooses to use Sustainable Recycled Fabrics which have been made from recycled plastic bottles (PET: Polyethylene terephthalate) and Filagen Fabrics which are extracted from the scales of Milkfish with outstanding performance in moisture absorption, and skin extra moisturization. Most importantly, the signature of SHAKA, Jacquard Fabric is chosen to use in the design for SHAKA girls to wear and to be a part of environmental conservation while preserving the beauty style of SHAKA under the concept of environmental sustainability.    

Experience the beauty of the SHAKA Spring/ Summer 2023 ‘AQUA’ collection now at SHAKA Siam Center 1 Floor, Eight Thonglor G Floor, The Promenade 1 Floor, ICONSIAM 1 Floor and Online Store or follow us on Facebook:, Instagram: Shaka_styles and Line: @shakastyles

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