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Autumn/Winter 2024


                In this era, the phenomenon of global warming, also known as heat waves, is continuously increasing each year, impacting every human being on the planet. The weather is so hot that no matter where we go, everyone is complaining, ‘I’m going to melt in the heat.’ This new normal greeting phrase has become a regular catch phase. In this collection, Shaka invites everyone to experience the extreme heat and get ready to melt with us.

            Starting with the main inspiration from the legendary Spanish painter Salvador Dali, who is famous for his surrealism artworks or surrealist painting style. His work remains relevant and adorn to this day. One of Dalí’s most famous works is undoubtedly “The Persistence of Memory,” created in 1931.The master painter’s surreal imagination is expressed through objects whose shapes are distorted from reality, such as a clock that appears to be melting into liquid. Inspiration was drawn from this work to create a ‘Melting Form’ from the legs to the top of the dress, crafting a ‘Surreal Silhouette’ through a Research & Development process to create a 3D pattern and offer a shirt that conveys fluidity and appears to flow with gravity. The shape of the shirt, which appears to be melting, will be seen when the wearer tries it on. There is a message hidden in the small details, crafted through an ingenious thought process.

            Shaka also drew inspiration from another famous work by Salvador Dali, “The Venus”. The Venus has been reinterpreted through the Shaka Camo pattern, a familiar camouflage design. If you look closely, you can see the face of the goddess of beauty, love, and abundance, “Venus,” hidden among the patterns.

The Butterfly is another one of Dali’s works that was picked up as a gimmick, hidden on the cutting lines of the shirt. It is conveyed through the quality sewing skills of the craftsmen at Shaka’s production site and complemented by the Heat Wave pattern, which sends a message to powerful and strong Working Woman.

                In the Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, the colors used are classified as Ultra Violet, including mangosteen peel purple, and red-orange, which represent the spectrum of warm rays. Simultaneously, the Ultra Violet color tones also stimulate dreams and intellect, including the gentle feeling given by the light purple. While Maroon Red imparts a feeling of luxury, completing this collection with all its nuances.

                In 2024, Shaka celebrates its 24th anniversary. Back in the year 2000, Shaka emerged for the first time under the brand name “Shaka London” and changed to simply “Shaka” in 2012. If we compare Shaka’s journey to the transformation of an era, it’s akin to the Y2K era when the analog system fully transitioned into the digital era. An era where everyone has access to the internet has evolved to the present, where individuals live their lives consuming content on social media. So is Shaka. It’s time for us to change with the times, creating freshness and expanding to new customer groups while perfectly maintaining the quality and creativity that Shaka has embodied since the brand’s inception.

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